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Program Overview

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The MFINITY Mfluencer™ marketing plan combines influencer marketing with the recurring income potential of network marketing. The result is a hybrid system paying an industry leading 50% commission and ongoing recurring commissions of up to 20%, for the life of the customer.









Paid on every customer order

*Please see full compensation guide for details.

How it Works

Becoming an MFLUENCER is simple:

1. Purchase a Timeless Box, Java Box, or Starter Pack

To become an MFLUENCER, purchase a Timeless Box or Java Box ($99.95) or a Starter Pack (starting at $299.95) and an Ambassador Web Tools Kit ($49.95). The cost of the Tools Kit will be discounted to $0 during checkout.

What's in the Box?

2. Share Your Box with Others

Once you receive your Timeless or Java Box, share yourself opening it and using the products. You can share via social media, texting, email, blogs, etc.

As an MFLUENCER, you receive your own
Timeless and Java Box webpages. Customers who purchase through your page become YOUR CUSTOMER FOR LIFE.

What's my webpage?

3. Get a Revenue Share

You receive revenue share of $50 or $30 for every Timeless or Java Box sold. You also receive recurring commissions on any reorders or monthly subscription orders.  

How am I paid?

What's in the

Timeless Box

Turn back time and enjoy better energy, vibrant health, and beautiful skin with the MFINITY Timeless Box. Each box contains powerful wellness products to help you feel and look your best.

Box Contents:

  • 2 Bottles of MFINITY Muscadine Seed Oil
  • 1 Bottle of MFINITY Boost Capsules

Retail price: $192.90 

Your sale price: $99.95 (48% off)

Learn more about the Timeless Box

What's in the

Java Box

We're confident Java Boost will become your goto beverage for mornings, afternoons, and any other time you need a physical and mental boost. 

Box Contents:

  • 2 Pouches of Java Boost (60 total servings)

Retail price: $133.72 

Your sale price: $99.95 (25% off)

Learn more about the Java Box


MFLUENCERs receive powerful online tools to help them share MFINITY. The Timeless Box page shares why MFINITY Oil and MFINITY Boost are the best way to receive the impressive benefits of Muscadine. The Java Box page shares how you can drink your way to better health.

MFLUENCERs also have additional webpages they can use to share other MFINITY products and a Back Office to see their Customer list, product reorders, and earning statements.

How You're Paid

MFLUENCERs are paid weekly based on product sales. Revenue Shares are calculated as follows:

  • Timeless Box - $50 Revenue Share
  • Java Box - $30 Revenue Share
  • Other Products - Up to 20% of retail price*

Additional bonuses including level bonuses, overrides, and pools are also available when an MFLUENCER enrolls other MFLUENCERs.

See detailed explanation of compensation

See one page summary of compensation

See MFLUENCER overview flyer

Q: How much commission will I earn for a given number of boxes sold?

A: To figure your commission amount, multiply the number of boxes sold x $50 (or $30).

Q: How many boxes do I need to sell to reach my income goal?

A: To determine the number of boxes to sell, figure your income goal amount ÷ $50 (or $30).

Q: Does this box include a free Web Kit for newly enrolled Ambassadors?

A: Yes.

Q: Can this box be placed on a Monthly Subscription with the same revenue share?

A: Yes.


If John’s income goal is $1,000, $1,000 ÷ $50 = John should sell 20 boxes.

If Mary sold 200 boxes, 200 x $50 = Mary’s commission of $10,000.

*Please see full compensation guide for details.

What MFLUENCERS Are Saying

"My weekly checks are exploding, I love being an Mfluencer!" - Hervin C.

"This is the simplest way to make money I've ever seen. Total game changer." - Andre V.

"My customers are in love with Mfinity and I love the additional commissions I'm seeing month after month." - Gigi B.

*Please note that the testimonials shared herein may be from independent distributors that seek to benefit from the sales of referenced products.

Why become an MFLUENCER?



Share proven products that help people feel, look, and live better.



Offer the industry's best pricing to you customers.



Receive weekly checks featuring industry leading commissions.